Telluride Valley Floor Revegetation and Habitat Enhancement

The EPA has completed the tailings removal project in August 2022 – an estimated 60,000 cubic yards of fluvial tailings from Forest Service land in the Valley Floor. Due to higher costs incurred during the removal phase, the revegetation measures were not implemented. Trout Unlimited has proposed a post-reclamation revegetation project to reduce impacts of this reach on the San Miguel River. Targeted revegetation and in-stream habitat will benefit the area by reducing erosion and sedimentation while providing long-term sustainability and natural succession of riparian vegetation. Additionally, vegetative success at the Site will reduce the risk of non-native plant invasion. TU staff are leading this project and soliciting state/national funding to begin this project in fall of 2023 and spring of 2024. Volunteer physical manhours will be needed for the planting activities – seed money funding is coming from GGA and Town of Telluride.

CPW Billy Creek WMA Stream Improvement Project

The first stretch of public access to the Uncompahgre River below PACO is at Billy Creek WMA along Hwy 550. GGA has partnered with CPW to fund the design work for stream and fish habitat improvements for that section of the river. This and the in-field survey work will be completed this year to determine what type and location of stream improvements could be added to improve fisheries habitat. Funds raised at last year’s Troutapalooza event were used to sponsor this project.