2023: Scott Fibertouch 622-4, Ross Colorado 2/3 – black, SA Amplitude DT2 line

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6’2″ 2-wt 4-piece rod

The F 622-4 is a pure dry fly rod that casts beautiful loops at short and medium distances.


Ross Reels Colorado Fly Reel 4/5

Line weights 4-5, 3.5 oz, WF4+90yds backing


The Scientific Anglers Amplitude

The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Taper Line is fly line for freshwater fly fishing. This weight-forward taper is a half-size heavy with a long head, allowing it to work well with plenty of rod actions, yet really will with a fast-action. It’s general purpose enough for trout, grayling, panfish and more varieties of freshwater fish. Features a camo tip for stealth on the water.

Value: $1200

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